The Perfect Natural Makeup kit for GRAY Contact Lenses

The Perfect Natural Makeup kit for GRAY Contact Lenses

As usual , we have tried our new Natural Makeup and now we are happy to notify you that we
have made a video to show you how to use it for GRAY color contact lenses like , for example,
NATURAL COLORS CRISTAL or HIDROCOR ICE. This new Natural makeup is made only in Brazil
and only from Natural ingredients. Check out our video that will show you step by step, how
to apply this Natural makeup so that it will look good on your Green Eyes. In this video you
will see how to use Natural makeup for GARY contact lenses using the Farmaervas (TracTa line)
Natural Makeup from Brazil. If you will follow all of the instructions in the video you will get a very
nice result with beautiful makeup for GARY color contact lenses.
This video shows the NATURAL COLORS CRISTAL lenses on dark brown eyes,
and the end result is a GRAY color that fits the makeup.