How to handle your lenses in a Hygienic way

How to handle your lenses in a Hygienic way

We highly recommend that you'll always handle your contact lenses in a Hygienic way.

Using a tweezer to pick up the lens and then put it in your eye

with the suction holder will prevent the fatty residue of your hands

from entering your eye.

When you use your hands to pick up, insert, and remove the lenses

fatty residue will enter your eyes and this can cause irritation and excessive


The eyes do not favor any fatty residue, especially if the residue is located

in the inner side of the lens and as a result in constant contact with the


You can also use the suction holder to remove the lenses from your eyes

so you don't have to touch the lens with your hands.

You will be able to wear your lenses for longer periods of time if you'll

make sure not to insert any fatty residue into your eyes.

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