Your eyes will have a beautiful natural color. The HIDROCOR HAZELNUT lenses are for cosmetic use. The best of the HIDROCOR lenses now with the HAZELNUT beautiful color.
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Now you can have the best & beautiful results of the HIDROCOR lenses with beautiful HAZELNUT color.
The New HIDROCOR HAZELNUT lenses can be used for cosmetic use with no number and also with a number for correction of short sightedness or long sightedness.
The durability of this type of lenses is 1 year after opening the package.Water Content: 38%,
Diameter: 14.2 mm, Material: Polymacon 62%,Base curve: 8.7. 
Expiration : Annual.
NOTE: lenses with power other than 0.00 may require 30 business days or more for manufacturing.

The price is for a PAIR of lenses (2 lenses).
The Quantity is per a PAIR of lenses, 1 unit = PAIR of lenses (2 lenses).

Store your lenses in a comfy lens case
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i am ordering them..

From: sohaila.yaftali@cbsa-asfc.gc.ca | Created on: 7/18/2017 1:04 PM

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Natural, gorgeous, everyday lens
these are by FAR the most natural looking contacts I've ever come across. shipping did take a little longer than expected but it was totally worth it. Wr-lens is the only website I know of that carries lens with prescription higher than -10, great for me because I have super bad eyesight. Also EXTREMELY comfortable, you won't even feel the contact in your eyes. They are a very subtle honey/yellow color with green undertones. Also I give their customer service a 10/10. They answered ALL my questions/inquiries within a 24 hr time span,  great company and great service.

From: kellygonzalez19@yahoo.com | Created on: 5/13/2017 5:14 PM

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My favorite color!
I love wrlens because not only do they sell authentic solotica lenses but also they have a reward point system which I'm a big fan of (allowing me to save some money off my next purchase). Hidrocor avela is my favorite of the whole entire line! It works for my dark skin and dark brown eyes. The coverage is amazing and I get a lot of compliments. I will say that I wish it was about 2 shades darker but overall I love it.

From: diabysaran39@yahoo.com | Created on: 4/6/2017 6:25 AM

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Gorgeous lenses
I received my lenses sooner than expected which was awesome... I got Hidrocor avela/hazelnut  and Ocre which both worked great and looked absolutely beautiful but the Ocre was better for my skin tone... They are very comfortable and look natural... I am a happy customer and will definitely be buying from them again

From: ymw@gmx.ch | Created on: 7/27/2016 3:23 AM

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These contacts are soooo stunning. I have naturally dark brown eyes and these contacts just blend in perfectly with them. I love how they brighten my eyes but not to the extent where I look like a complete zombie! Sidenote: idk why SO many people are bad mouthing wrlens on review sites. They have one of the best costumer service I've yet seen. They've replied to ALL of my emails within 24 hours. How great is that? I would highly recommend ordering from them.

Happy shopping!

From: Guest | Created on: 2/23/2016 5:08 PM

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Shockingly natural
Received my prescription Hazelnut much sooner than estimated. I put them on and was shocked at how natural they look. These are winners. Hazelnut/Avela are the colors to get! I will buy another pair. It does take getting used to but worth it. Very good quality. Wrlens are safe to but from, don't worry, buy with confidence.

From: Guest | Created on: 12/30/2015 1:14 PM

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From: bb.toribio@gmail.com | Created on: 12/27/2015 12:05 AM

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Almost like the really old opacity of the ocre!!
I love these! These almost look as simple as the classic, old opacity of the hidrocor ocre! I've been wanting the old ones back because the new ocre opacity weren't as subtle as it used to be. I'm so glad they came out with this color. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!

From: bb.toribio@gmail.com | Created on: 12/27/2015 12:04 AM

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