Your eyes will have a natural bright color. HIDROCHARME lenses are for cosmetic use (no need for number) and also for correction of myopia (short-sightedness) and hipermetropia (long-sightedness).
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HIDROCHARME VERDE(GREEN) lenses are for cosmetic use (no need for number) and also for correction of myopia (short-sightedness) and hipermetropia (long-sightedness). The durability of this type of lenses is 1 year after opening the package.Water Content: 38%, Diameter: 14.2 mm, Material: Polymacon 62%,Base curve: 8.7.  Expiration : Annual.

The price is for a PAIR of lenses (2 lenses).
The Quantity is per a PAIR of lenses, 1 unit = PAIR of lenses (2 lenses).

Note: manufacturing time of 30 business days maximum may be required 

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awesome !
I just love these contacts , their amazing and look very realistic . Very happy that I bought them !! (:

From: erinnholland10@aol.com | Created on: 12/27/2010 8:25 PM

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Comfortable and not flimsy like most contacts.
I have dark brown eyes and I purchased these in Ochre. They're great! They're durable and you can tell that they're long lasting. They gave my eyes a subtle change which is what I was going for. I will definitely purchase more pairs in different colors in the future. Shipping was fast too! I received them in less than 2 weeks! This is a good online website I will order from WRLens again.

From: parisian113086@aol.com | Created on: 10/27/2010 5:59 PM

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Great investment
I absolutely love these lenses. I have dark brown almost black colored eyes. I did plenty of research before buying and these appeared to be the most natural looking and best rated lenses. I used to use Freshlook lenses and as most know; they are not for dark colored eyes. They are very unnatural looking so I was pleasantly surprised to find a brand that actually looked beautiful and authentic! I got my lenses (Hydrocharme Mel) within two weeks! I even ordered mine in prescription since I do have bad eyesight. (nearsighted).I was a little worried about receiving my lenses in a wrong prescription but my lenses were absolutely perfect, the prescription was %100 correct. I've read a lot of reviews on how uncomfortable these lenses are, but I have no trouble with them at all! I wear mine everyday for 9+ hours. I did invest in some Visine for contacts for any time that they may get a little dry. (some dryness should be expected with any lens, in my opinion.) I never write reviews but I just had to take the time to praise these lenses and WRLENS for their excellent, speedy service. I can't wait to try other colors!

From: hellokittylovesmay@yahoo.com | Created on: 6/4/2010 9:40 AM

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Hidrocharme Mels
I have very small irises and was concerned there would be bleeding or some awkwardness with the ring.  I am very happy to say that these lenses exceeded my expectations.  The lens is the perfect size and do not make my eyes look unnaturally larger...but it compliments them and enlarges them just a touch to give a beautiful appearance.  love these so much!  i just ordered Ochre and Ice...can't wait to receive them!  


From: baker_jeannie916@yahoo.com | Created on: 4/30/2010 7:33 AM

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Love these lenses
Ordered three pair, mel, graphite and green.  I prefer the hydrocharme as I like the black outline.  My daughter loves her mel.  The green is bright and fun.  I not only love the lenses but ordering was great.  I appreciate the professionalism and security offered.  Pay Pal made me feel much more secure.  I live in the USA and received the orders in two weeks.  I will be back for more.  No one can figure out what the heck color eyes I REALLY have!

From: tisza1@aol.com | Created on: 4/13/2010 2:41 PM

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