Your eyes will love the comfort of these lenses. The material of these contact lenses is the most modern among the hydrogels.
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The material of these contact lenses is the most modern among the hydrogels. These contact lenses are made from Glycerol which give the lenses excellent lubricity and retain the hydration which ensures the maintenance of the original dimensions of the lens and hence its dimensional stability. All these benefits result in comfort for the user. While initial adaptation of other lenses offer the same comfort, users of Hidroblue realize the benefits of this material to the end of the day, after many hours of use of the lenses. Even in dry environments, with air conditioning, for example, users of the Hidroblue contact lenses feel the difference. These contact lenses are used to correct myopia, hyperopia with or without astigmatism, and also excellent for Presbyopia. 
Water Content: 49%, Diameter: 14.2 mm, Material: Hioxifilcon B com Glicerol , Base curve: 8.7.  Expiration : Annual , UV Protection, Oxigen Transmissibility (Dk/F): 15.

The price is for a PAIR of lenses (2 lenses).
The Quantity is per a PAIR of lenses, 1 unit = PAIR of lenses (2 lenses).

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Color Contact Lens Cases

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